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The Adventures of Lando Erif :: The Day I Do Impulsive Stupid Stuff (Pt. Four)

Originally I had a plan to maybe post this part earlier in the week, just to be super nice but...somehow that didn't happen...

My week just went poof and it's already Friday and whoa. How did that go so fast?

So Thursday night I wrote most of this, and once I got into the feel of it*, I actually quite enjoyed it!

Hope you do also! :D

(*For some reason I was feeling a bit out of touch with Lando's voice and style and I couldn't get out of my Outlaw Legends feel. So I read the first two chapters of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and -boom- I was there. xP)

“This— is it— friend,” I panted, wrestling the rabbit-bird into the pet carrier and shoving the door shut hastily. Frowning at the blood across my knuckles where I’d acquired several claw marks, I grimaced down at the creature, now forlornly chewing a blade of grass.

Nasty little ball of fluff and feathers that it was.

I’d managed to get the creature out of the house without mum noticing, which was a good start. I’d have to explain to her eventually, but first I wanted to know a little bit more about what in the world was actually going on. Sitting down on the carrier, I pulled a deep breath into my lungs.


There’d been voices out the front a little while ago, so I’d guessed that the twins had arrived, but for some reason they weren’t here yet. Weird. Maybe mum was quizzing them about something, or else they just didn’t know where I was. Rubbing my bleeding hand absently on my jeans, I sat in thought, trying to sort through the theories in my mind in a reasonable way.

In was a few minutes later when I looked up and it occurred to me that the twins hadn’t come out yet. Standing, I made my way toward the side of the house, to slip around the front and check if there was a car. Jogging down the gap, I pulled up short after a few paces, a strange tingle touching my fingertips. I glanced around. Something wasn’t quite right…

I took another step forward and bumped my toe into something. My gaze flicked down to a toadstool. 

Scrap that. Something was very wrong.

A ring of toadstools and a scuffed patch right in the middle. Not to mention a humming feeling in the air. Really not cool.

“Thomas?” I shuffled back, trying to look around the corner without falling on my face into the magic ring. “Titus?” I raised my voice a little more.

Skirting sideways, I called again. Their car was definitely there, parked in the driveway. But no sign of either of the twins. I backed off and hurried across to the back door, glancing inside. My mum was sitting at the table, talking cheerily to the twin’s mum.

Okay then. They were probably just messing with me.

I stepped down again, darting a glance around the back yard. I still couldn’t banish the nervous tingling though. It seemed like more than a coincidence. Magic creatures, coded messages about who-knows-what, toadstool rings, missing twins. It all fit together uncomfortably well, and I didn’t like it. At all.

What in the world did Zana think she was up to this time?

As I had the thought, a shadow swept across the neighbour’s rooftop and I jumped back beneath the shelter of the eves, pressing my back against the wall. Shadows that shape generally are only made by one sort of thing. Dragon. That left two categories.

A) Lost dragon who needs ReLocating to Dragon Island.

B) Pet dragon of a fairy.

And I knew one fairy who was likely to have a pet dragon, and I didn’t fancy meeting them just now.
A dragon swooped low across the ground, its tail practically dragging against the scrags of grass in the backyard. I pressed harder into the wall as I caught a flashing glimpse of an all too familiar figure.

Welcome Zana Bradford back onto the scene.

If the twins disappeared in a fairy ring, I’d bet anything that it was Zana. If anyone knew what had happened, it would be her. Time for impulsive stupid stuff. My favourite.

I’m an expert at impulsive stupid stuff.

I jumped out from my shelter just as the dragon tail whipped past, grabbing onto the end just before it slipped out of reach. There was a moment of relief as my hands curled around it firmly and then my shoulders were almost ripped out of their sockets and I yelped aloud, my voice tugged away by the rush of air in my ears.

Flying is not my strong point.

Apparently I get motion sickness.

Not mentioning sore arms.

For those reasons, by the time we flew to fairyland I was worse off for it. As soon as I felt the dragon start to descend, I gulped in a relieved breath, my fingers slipping slightly. The wind from the dragon’s wings battered against me and it was hardly another breath before I was flung off the tail by an impatient flick.

I fell dizzyingly through the air for a short moment, screaming internally, but didn’t have enough breath to get any sound out before I hit the ground a lot sooner than I expected. My knees buckled and I ended up sprawled across a hot paved surface. I couldn’t summon enough energy to move.

Flying on a dragon was way worse than I’d imagined.

The senior Dragon Islanders were allowed to ride some of the dragons, and I’d always been jealous. Not anymore. They can keep all their dragon riding. My stomach flipped but I’d already heaved up anything I’d eaten in the last day so it didn’t make much difference.

Shoving myself up, I crawled into the corner, hiding myself into a small nook to recover my senses before trying to work out where in the world I even was. This was about the scheduled time to start having second thoughts about the impulsive stupid things.

I started having second thoughts.

By now, you’d think I would have learnt, what with all the crazy stuff that happens whenever I do it. But no. Stupid just comes natural.

I managed to clear my vision enough to see Zana Bradford leaping from the dragon and landing lightly in the middle of the courtyard. She glanced up at the sky once and then turned, a few strides taking her out of sight through two huge iron doors.

Things weren’t looking so bad. Now to avoid the dragon and get somewhere that I could work out where I was. I had suspicions, of course. But I desperately wanted them to be wrong because they weren’t very cheerful suspicions.

I know, I know. It should’ve been obvious. Of course they were depressingly right. But I wanted to hope, so you can’t blame me.

Standing up slowly, I glanced to both sides and then started sidestepping along the wall. I got about five steps along the edge of the wall before the dragon noticed me. And by ‘noticed’ I mean he jumped on me.


One moment I was standing there, and the next the dragon had one huge, clawed paw on my chest, pinning a breathless me to the ground.

Okay, this was it. Death by dragon claw. I braced myself, closing my eyes.

A bellowing roar from above, and I cringed into myself further. Well fine, go and celebrate your hard won victory. Not like I’d made it hard for him or anything. I tried to wriggle out from beneath it’s claw while it was distracted, but before I could move very far, it pressed down harder, one point of its biggest claw impaling the edge of my shirt into the ground.

I couldn’t breathe, the pressure and the terror merging into the pounding of my heart it my ears. I totally wasn’t scared. I was completely terrified. 

Lando kebabs anyone?

Just when I was convinced it was going to skewer me completely, a figure appeared from the side, interrupting the dragon’s lunch preparations. Zana’s face transformed into a dazzling smile as her gaze touched down on me.

“Oh, Lando! Here? How nice!” She clapped her hands like a four year old being promised ice-cream and chocolate.

The pressure eased off me slightly, and I managed to suck in a breath. “My bad for dropping in. I’ll just…” I started to slip away from under the dragon but it slammed its other paw down next to my head. “—stay right here and not move,” I squeaked an undignified sound, stopping in place.

Zana tossed her blonde hair back over her shoulder, looking disapprovingly down at me. “Now now, Lan. You can’t possibly leave without letting me give you a little hospitality. You’ve never been in a fairy castle before.”

Okay crazy fairy lady, but no thanks I’d rather just run screaming in terror if that’s quite fine with you.

The dragon growled above me, heat singing across my face and arms. I’d also rather get out of this in one piece without my eyebrows singed off. I didn’t move.

“I missed you so terribly since we last saw each other and you have no idea how excited I am now. So kind of you to come visit!”

How could she sound so stupid and innocent? I knew enough to tell that this wasn’t going to be fun.

I mean, not like I was being slow-cooked by dragon-breath while she was talking.

“You don’t— say—” I managed, wincing from a particularly hot puff of air, a trickle of sweat running down the back of my neck.

“I do.” She smiled again then clicked her fingers, a roll of something appearing in one hand.

Oh no.

I don’t like duct tape.

“Time to get down to business. I have a beautifully dank dungeon just waiting for you.” She looked legitimately excited and I honestly couldn’t work out how I was meant to react to that.

Trust me, Fairy girl, I simply can’t wait either.

- - -

Okay so rough estimate, I think this story is going to be -overall- about 6-7-ish parts long. And it'll break my record of the longest Lando story. (So far it's already 6k long, which is almost 2k longer than my next longest Lando story.)

Also guyyys it's raining here and it's so so nice. All the rain drops pattering on the tin roof. *happy sigh*

How has your week been?
Do you make a habit of doing impulsive stupid stuff?
(hopefully not as bad as Lando's habit xP)

Monday, 20 March 2017

Explore Leira Blog Tour: K is for Ky Huntyr

I have a thing for characters by the name of Ky. (Cai, Kai and Kye work too.) When I stumbled across the Songkeeper Chronicles (actually, it was probably my sister who found them, but I do enough stumbling for us both so yeah.) (I'm not sure how that side note got so off track in one sentence.) I fell in love with Ky Huntyr immediately.

And today you guys get to hear all about him!!!

Author Gillian Bronte Adams is here today and she's going to give a rundown of this super epic Ky-fellow who Jane won't stop flailing over.

So without further ramblings, I'll hand over the stage to Gillian!

- - -

Thanks, Jane, for hosting me here and helping me celebrate the (almost) one year book birthday for Songkeeper! (If this is your first encounter with the blog tour, we are continuing a series of alphabet posts looking at the world and characters and magical creatures of the Songkeeper Chronicles. And you can follow the tour at Gillian's website and find a list of all the stops at #exploreleira tour.) And we also have an awesome giveaway that you can enter at the end!

Today, we’re looking at the letter …

K is for Ky Huntyr

Oddly enough, it is sometimes easier to write one of these spotlight posts about a minor or secondary character than one of the major point of view characters. I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps because there is so much information about these main characters spinning around inside my head, that it’s hard to translate that firestorm into words on a page.

So what is it that makes Ky who he is? He is not the biggest or the strongest, not the fastest or the bravest, not the smartest or the most well-spoken. He isn’t always right, even when he is convinced that he is. But he has conviction and the courage to back it up, and he cares deeply about those he seeks to protect.

Ky lives in the occupied city of Kerby. Five years before the events of Orphan’s Song, the soldiers of the Takhran, the Khelari, took over the city. They established a digging works along the banks of the River Adayn just outside the city walls. Not long after, people began to disappear. Taken, by the dark soldiers.

Three years before Orphan’s Song, Ky’s parents were taken. Forced onto the streets, he found refuge and a new “home” in the Underground, where he was paired as a “younger brother” to Dizzier to learn the ropes. 
When it came to training, Dizzier preferred to literally hammer his point home with punches. Ky is too free-thinking for his own good. In the Underground, survival is key … but Ky just couldn’t master the art of survival at the expense of others. Somewhere in between dodging dark soldiers, avoiding Dizzier, and nicking enough bread and apples from the market to contribute his fair share, Ky met Paddy and made a fast friend.

Paddy chuckled softly. “You’re such a fool, y’ know that, Ky?”
He snorted. “Thanks, friend.”
Orphan’s Song

In many ways, Paddy is far more his brother than Dizzier.

For a weapon, Ky chose a sling that he wears wrapped around his waist like a belt. Like all in the Underground, he must undergo sword training in the Ring, but something about the blades always strikes him as unbalanced and clunky. He will wield a blade in a pinch, but only then.

We see the roots of Ky’s character in Orphan’s Song but he really blossoms and grows in Songkeeper. When the world falls apart, a person’s true mettle is revealed, and that is true of Ky. He’s got guts and plenty of them. We love to see heroes overcome, and Ky is an overcomer. Knock him down, and he’ll drag himself back to his feet. Weaving and staggering to keep from falling again.

But standing ... and sometimes that is enough.

Cade was halfway across the room by the time Ky managed to lurch to his feet. Head spinning, he yanked the sling from his waist, snatched a rock from the cavern floor, and relying on feel rather than sight, sent it zinging against the blade in Cade’s hand.
He spat out a mouthful of blood and forced himself to stand straight. “The fight’s not over.”

What makes Ky who he is?

His indomitable spirit. He simply will not give up. Driven by conviction and hope, he rises and rises and rises again, determined to stand for what he believes to be right.

Trivia Question: What item does Ky “nick” in the market place in Orphan’s Song to earn a place in Cade’s approval?

What character qualities do you admire most in your favorite characters?

- - -

Check out the links below for a place to purchase the books:

Barnes and Nobles: Orphan’s Song, Songkeeper

And before you leave, don’t forget to enter the giveaway! 

One lucky winner will take home a copy of Orphan’s Song, Songkeeper, and a gorgeous handmade mug. Two lucky winners will take home copies of Songkeeper! Open to international entries. Enter through the Rafflecopter below and be sure to visit Gillian's website to continue following the blog tour. You can earn new entries for each post that you visit along the way. 
Winners will be announced after April 15th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

GILLIAN BRONTE ADAMS is a sword-wielding, horse-riding, coffee-loving speculative fiction author from the great state of Texas. During the day, she manages the equestrian program at a youth camp. But at night, she kicks off her boots and spurs, pulls out her trusty laptop, and transforms into a novelist. She is the author of Orphan’s Song, Songkeeper, and Out of Darkness Rising. Visit Gillian online at her blog, Twitter, or Facebook page.

- - -

What character qualities do you admire most in your favorite characters?
Interested in reading these books yet?
(hint: the answer is yes)
Check out my reviews here: Orphan's Song, Songkeeper

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The Adventures of Lando Erif :: The Day the Twins were Abducted (Pt. Three)

I'm not entirely sure what to title this, whether it's 'The day my history book took a flight - part three' or if that's just too repetitive already. In the end I've decided to shake it up a little and give it another title and header image because it's just fun. :P

This week I did a bit of an experiment with a third person section from Titus's point of view. It was a lot harder to get into his head, after being used to Lando's head, but it wasn't too bad I don't think.

I'm really enjoying this actually - but more about that after the story, or I'll end up spoiling it all for you.

:: Part One ::
:: Part Two ::

[warning: half of this chapter/installment/thing was written after midnight so the quality and sanity of the contents is debatable]

[other warning: it's also short -SORRY- because it kind of finished off nicely at the end. Or not nicely. Whatever.]

Titus chewed on the end of his pencil.

Nervousness was tingling down his arms and had been ever since his mum had gotten a call from Lando to ask them over. Sure, it was fine and not that strange.

But still…

Thomas yawned widely, watching the houses go past out the window. Titus leant against him from the car seat next to him, craning to see. The houses and apartments were starting to look familiar and he settled back again after a moment, cracking his knuckles.

“You think you’re ready for whatever something Lando’s springing on us this time?”

Thomas shrugged. “Probably not, if I really think about it. I mean…what’s the deal with this anyway? Mum gets a call from Lando inviting us around for the afternoon? It just seems a little weird.”

“Same.” Titus scratched his ear, looking up as the car started to slow. His nerves were itching to know what Lando was up to this time and he hardly waited for his mum to stop the car before unclipping his seat belt and pushing out of the car over Thomas, his twin tumbling out behind him a moment later.

“Alright boys.” His mum rounded the car and shot a glance at them both. “Please try not to break anything?”

“Okay mum,” Thomas stretched a grin.

“Sure thing.” Titus shoved his hands into his pockets. “Best behaviour.”

She looked between them both for a moment and then nodded. “Good.” Leading the way, she headed down the short driveway to the front door, pushing the doorbell button and then rapping her knuckles on the door just to make sure.

Titus fiddled with the pencil in his pocket as he waited, Thomas hopping from one foot to the other in his impatience. Finally the door opened and Titus half stepped forward, hoping to see Lando. Nope. Just his mum.

She shot him a smile and then hugged his mum. “So great to see you again.” She pushed open the door, beckoning her inside. “Come on in.”

He pulled his hand out of his pocket, waving slightly. “Nice to see you again.”

Thomas mimicked his movement beside him.

Lando’s mum smiled at them again. “You boys can go around the side if you like. I think Lando’s there. He was doing something in the back corner that he didn’t seem to want me to see.” For a moment a slight frown touched her brows.

“Thanks!” Thomas said enthusiastically, turning and starting to jog to the corner of the building.

Titus grinned and Lando’s mum one last time, gave his own mum a reassuring glance and then ran after his twin. Thomas paused to wait for him before slipping around the corner and moving along the narrow gap between the fence and the wall.

Halfway to the other side, he stopped, Titus almost crashing into him from behind.

“Whoa, watch it—”

“Ti.” Thomas prodded his arm. “Toadstools.”

Titus followed his gaze to see a row of red toadstools across the sparsely grassed path in front of them. “Oh nice. Come on, let’s find Lando.” He stepped around Thomas and kept walking.

And walked straight into something invisible.

Stumbling back a pace, he stared. “What the—?”

Thomas grabbed his arm to steady him. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know…I’m sure I just crashed into something.” He squinted at nothing in particular, unable to see anything.

Talk about weird.

Stepping forward again, he reached out a hand in front of himself, feeling through the air. Nothing. He went to step forward again, only to smash against the barrier again. He toppled backward but Thomas caught him, grunting.

“Something is really wrong.” Titus pressed his hand against his throbbing forehead.

Thomas turned around, his fingers wrapping around Titus’s arm a moment later. “Um, Ti…”

“Yeah?” He twisted, only to stop short. A quick glance both ways showed him what they’d done.

A ring of toadstools surrounded them closely, their red caps almost seeming to glow.

“Not good,” Thomas mumbled, turning in a circle to check for gaps.

No chance.

They’d stepped right into a trap.

His heart rate quickened, and Titus stepped forward pushing against the barrier without result. “Nonono this isn’t cool. This isn’t cool at all.”

“Lando!” Thomas yelled, but his voice echoed back as if they were in a tiny room with walls all around.

Which they were, near enough.

“Help!” Titus yelped, grabbing the base of one of the toadstools and yanking on it, hoping to pull it out and break the circle.

Something hit him hard across the cheek and he fell back with a stifled cry, pain stinging. Everything blurred slightly around him and for a moment he thought he was blacking out. Then Thomas wobbled and fell to his knees, almost sprawling on top of him.

Vague outlines of figures circled the ring of toadstools, moving closer with shuffling steps. Titus tried to yelp and yell for Lando again, hoping that maybe he would hear anyway, but he couldn’t manage to get a sound from his throat.

Come to think of it, he couldn’t breathe either.

He choked, his heart lurching against his ribs, everything swirling almost painfully around him. He should’ve noticed the magic ring…should’ve seen it before walking straight into some trap.

Whatever Lando had needed them for, he would have to do alone. The house wall was fading from beside them, a nauseous feeling flipping in his stomach. Titus pushed up onto his elbow for a moment then a flick of something —that looked uncommonly like a sparkling fairy wand— and light flashed above him and he passed out.

- - -

Let's just say that I'm really enjoying giving a weird twist to some of the fairy stories that I used to adore when I was a cute little girl. I remember one specific one that I really liked which involved magic fairy rings of mushrooms and being whisked off to fairyland.
So basically, that's what this chapter is about.

Only it's not a little girl out strawberry hunting in a mystical forest. It's two boys in the middle of a coastal Sydney city suburb ducking down the side of the house to get into the backyard. And they're not being whisked away to oversee a romantic wedding of the prince and princess.

Hahaha...not likely.

*evil laughter*

And if the ending part was weird...I'm blaming it on the fact that I was writing it...after midnight. Sorry if it doesn't make any sense. I tried. xD

Is the story still staying interesting?
(despite the possible post-midnight-faults)
Did you read many fairy stories when you were little?

Monday, 13 March 2017

How Camp NaNoWriMo Changed My Writing // you should totally go sign up now

Waitwait what? Camp NaNoWriMo?

Yes, my friends. Camp.

*No, actually not the kind of camping that's in the picture. It's all virtual and none of the tents and swags and misty mornings for us. (I just liked the picture, shhh xP)

You've (probably?) all heard of NaNoWriMo. The insane write-50k-in-one-month-and-hopefully-not-die-and-maybe-have-some-part-of-a-novel-that-doesn't-actually-have-red-underline-also-but-probably-not-actually NaNo. And I know a lot of people know about it and back away slowly until they're a safe distance away and then run screaming in terror.

BUT. Don't run screaming this time. Because this is Camp.

It's similar yes, but a whole lot better. You get to choose your own word-count goal. No more 50k! You can go 20, 5, or 100! Whatever you so desire. (Although if you have a goal for 100k and win it please tell me because WHOA) You also get virtual cabin mates and confetti and yes a whole lot of cool stuff. (Including pizza every day if you happen to be in my cabin)

And it's only half a month until April Camp explodes on us in all it's epicness! *flails*

A bit of nostalgic backstory for you...
I did Camp NaNo for the firstest time in April last year (writing the novel-that-shall-not-be-named because I cringe every time the subject gets brought up and I might just go hide in a cardboard box now) and ack it was ahmazing. The biggest thing was probably that I SUDDENLY REALISED I COULD WRITE FAST.

I started Camp with a goal of 8k that I thought I might be able to reach. (haha okay backstory to the 8k is that my sister Clare set hers for 7k so of course I had to go at least 1k higher) And then I smashed myself and wrote that in the first week. I then raised my goal to 15k and reached it on day 20 (and proceeded to chill for the rest of the month).

I'd had no idea that I could write that much in a month, and it really woke me up to writing. It was a sort of "Hey hold it I can do this??"

From then on it's only gotten more insane. I did the second Camp in July and had a 20k goal and reached it easily too. (Probably because that was the first gathering of my very own cabin the Fellowship of the Keyboards. *throws celebration pizza*)  Moving on, I wrote over 80k for actual NaNo (overachiever me went 30k over the win mark so I could finish the first draft).

If I hadn't done Camp NaNo, I never would've done NaNo and I wouldn't have written three books in the last year. (HOLD IT WHOA. Now that I write that out, it seems like a lot.) And I wouldn't have done probably a lot of other things because gosh there's a lot of if I hadn'ts in life. It's amazing what God can do in one little decision we make.

Camp NaNo also introduced me into the epicness of having writing buddies (other than just my lovely sister) that you can word war with and moan with and throw (virtual) pizza at. Because cabin mates (unfortunately also virtual) are the best. (But seriously though, imagine if it wasn't virtual and it would be so epicer than it already is. Unless of course you're not into the frogs and spiders and lizards and mosquitoes that inevitably come with camps.)

Word wars are great motivation to push you on and get some more words out. (And if it's a word war with your toes/nose/elbows it's just to throw responsible-ness out the window and do something crazy xD)

Basically Camp NaNo is a huge explosion of epic, mess, fun, and great writing time. (Or great I-really-should-be-writing-now time. Depending on what sort of person you are.)

I'm (obviously) doing it again this year and I'm super hyped for it. I can't wait to get started. (I should probably be using this time to plot my novel rather than write this blog post but shhh.) This April I'm going to be writing the third and final book of my trilogy and I'm kind of freaking out because it's so important that I don't mess it up and the worst thing: I actually have to defeat the villains now??? What no. They've been winning for the last two books and now somehow I need to think up a genius plan to get rid of them?? So it's super exciting and super I don't even know what's going on but I'm loving it.

So yes. Planning is happening and plot is coming-ish. And we shall see if the beginning of April heralds a post of me completely freaking out because I have no idea what I'm doing.
But with luck you'll get to see a completely coherent post about my novel-to-be and how super planned and ready I am. 

But however that turns out it will be epic fun.

So don't just see all this stuff about Camp popping up around the writer blogs and shrug on with your writing alone. Take a closer look! Grab your friends together and drag them along to a virtual cabin. You don't even have to be working on a novel. Camp NaNo has options for poetry, short stories, editing, whatever! And word, page, line, hour count options too!
Maybe you don't have any writing friends to drag along? Go anyways and meet new people.
All you have to do is sign up and make a writing goal and you're set for an adventure like nothing you've ever done before! (unless you've done Camp NaNo before, in which case it'll probably be just as epic as normal)

I can promise you that you won't regret it.

(pretty certain anyway)

So what are you waiting for??

Are you doing Camp NaNo?
(the correct answer is yes)

Friday, 10 March 2017

The Adventures of Lando Erif :: The Day My History Book Took a Flight (Pt. Two)

Yes last week's part was weird. I deny nothing. Nonetheless I think that this one might possibly help make it slightly less random because there's a reason for the rabbit-bird-whatever I was calling it and what it's doing... *looks mysterious*

HOPEFULLY. Because if it's just plain weird it would be a little pointless.

But I'm fairly sure this has more...stuff other than running around in circles. (And it mightn't sound quite as cat-in-the-hat-ish)

The rabbit-bird wouldn’t stop destroying things.

It completely slammed our street sign and had started tearing at a neighbour’s hedge before I caught up and it launched away again. Sprinting faster, I grabbed at it, missing by far.

This was getting ridiculous.

It bounded over a fence and landed on the ground on the other side, innocently nibbling grass. Slowly, I lifted one foot onto the top of the fence. Nothing. I pushed my weight on that leg, bouncing lightly off the other and ending up in a precarious crouch. Still it remained where it was.

Here goes.

I threw myself off the fence down onto it, grabbing it between my hands and falling forward, just managing to catch myself on my elbows before I face-planted completely. Its flared its wings, smacking me hard in the face. I yelped, somehow managing to get a mouthful of feathers and fur. Spluttering and struggling, I flopped half on top of the creature, getting my hands around its wings to jam them in place.

It made a squeaking sound and stopped struggling and I pulled it out, keeping my hands firm around it. It’s huge eyes stared up at me with complete innocence, seeming surprised at it’s capture.

Yeah, well you’d better get used to it little flying rabbit. Because Lando Erif isn’t going to let go any time soon. I wrinkled my nose at it.

It wrinkled its nose back.

I blinked and then stood, looking up and realising I wasn’t alone. A small boy stood on the edge of the house veranda, staring at me like I was mad.

“Oh…just…never mind me.” I scrambled over the fence again, almost losing my grip on the creature as it started struggling once more, claws scraping down the backs of my hands.

“Ow!” I bit down a yell, starting to run back down the street.

I needed to get this thing somewhere it couldn’t destroy anything else before it destroyed me too. Sprinting down the street, I pretended not to notice the stares from the neighbours as I passed. They’d get used to it eventually.

Or maybe they wouldn’t.

Either way it wasn’t my problem.

I shoved through the front door of my house, pushing it shut again with my toe before ducking down the hall into my bedroom. The rabbit-bird dig its claws harder into my hand and I yelped, jerking my hand back automatically. A wing hit me in the face, but I didn’t let go, scrabbling to grab something off the floor that I could lock it in.

A light chain around the rabbit-bird’s neck bumped against my hand and barely I had enough time to tug the it free, a scrap of paper half falling from a small pendant compartment, before the creature went crazy, squeaking long and loud. Throwing the paper on my bed, I squinted against the flailing wings, feeling across the floor. My hand knocked over a shoe box, spilling out the collection of ink-less pens I’d built up over the years. Struggling for a moment, I managed to shove the creature into the box, scooping up the lid and slamming it on, dragging my hand out and holding the lid closed.

Pulling a rubber band from my jeans pocket, I slipped it around the lid so it couldn’t open. Letting go, I sat back nervously, watching the box for any sign of movement. A slight wiggle of the lid and I strapped on another elastic band.

Pulling in a relieved breath, I glanced at the locket of paper I’d tossed on my bed. Okay, forget about the relief. I picked it up, unfolding it and glancing over the words quickly.

Despite common belief I cannot read gibberish. Not reliably anyway.

I scowled at the nonsense on the paper and crunched it in my fist. The scratches down the backs of my hands were turning red with crusting blood, but I ignored them. Completely useless messages. It was probably nothing. But…Something made me hesitate and then slowly start unscrewing the scrap, digging my laptop out from under the bed and flipping it open.

Maybe there was something, I just couldn’t read it yet.

Bringing up a search for decoders, I opened half a dozen tabs, rereading the bizarre jumble of letters over again as I waited for them to load. Still didn’t make any sense. Hopefully this wasn’t going to be a waste of time.

I typed it out into the code box, careful to make an exact copy of the written words. “Alrightyo,” I muttered, clicking ‘decode.’

The only result was another load of gibberish that was even worse than the first.

Snorting through my nose, I moved on to the next. And the next. By the time I reached the seventh, I’d almost stopped paying attention to the jumble of words it resulted with. Slapping enter, I started moving on to the next tab without even looking before I froze, one word catching my eye.


I flicked my gaze down, scanning the words on the screen.


It is my pleasure to send you the news that our plan is going directly ahead. Begin spreading the word as soon as you might wish.
Zana Bradford

It barely made more sense than before, but I knew one thing.

If it was Zana’s plan, I probably wouldn’t like it.

At all.

Time to call up the twins.

- - - 

Okay so this somehow turned out to follow on to another part or two...or three?? UM I DON'T KNOW HOW THAT HAPPENED. XD It's never happened before but I'm just going to go with it for now. This might well be the beginning of a longer story.

Do you guys want to see this turning into a long story?
(for however long it turns out being?)